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E-Marketing Services

• E-Mail Marketing

The strategy includes the act of consulting and implementing an up-to-date e-Mail campaign for both acquisition and retention purposes by using the best and fastest e-Mail launching system.

Different styles of email marketing are:

         • E-Newsletter, E-CRM Initiative: An electronic mail message (free or requiring payment) which deals with certain topics from time to time in order to keep customers constantly informed of what your business are offering.

         • Viral Marketing: is a type of a marketing campaign that encourages recipients of the campaign's message to willingly pass it along to others in other words it is used to generate awareness or to stimulate specific action. This helps increase the growth of the message's exposure and influence. This is also called Word of Mouth Marketing or Buzz Marketing. The most preferred types of viral marketing campaign are Flash game, cool flash animation, sweepstakes etc.

         • E-Sponsorship: holds the marketing concept of sharing database. This is when an advertiser pays to sponsor content, usually a section of web site or an e-mail newsletter, in order to be exposed and distributed to existing audiences of that site.

• Affiliate Program

The service is a web-based marketing practice in which your business rewards one or more surfers of your site (affiliates) for influencing each visitor or customer to visit your site or buy your product by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

This practice provides you with extra traffic and sales in return of which the affiliates get a piece of the action for selling your product. A system is assigned to keep track of your affiliate commissions for you.

• E-Publicity

The e-publicity is a specific kind of public relations that involves placing information for publicizing and promoting a business, its products, or its policies in online media as a news item for which the organization involved does not directly pay and is not generally considered to be the source.

• Online Reputation Management (ORM)

This is an important step of any public relations campaign, in which you can measure your online impression by knowing what is being said about your company, product and business methods online.

The various elements of e-marketing that we operate cordially make our satisfied clients the proof to the success of the e-marketing services we offer.